Her Journey - Kari is an Italian-American designer. She is a first-generation American; her family is from Europe. Some of Kari's influence on the House of MH comes from Kari's ancestry, her culture and the concept of "breaking out of" the rules set by culture.  She believes, as important as culture is, it is equally important to never waver from your own intuition and to nurture your energy, your talents and your heart. Kari began her career as a designer while still attending the University of San Diego school of business. She had many sketches saved up from constantly creating and quickly sensed the beginning of something extraordinary being born. She began taking her sketches to several seamstresses in town. Quickly, she transitioned over to a manufacturer who spotted her designs and LOVED them. The rest is history.

Values - Kari has always had a passion for helping others. She's partnered with The Jed Foundation to donate a percentage of each Little White Dress sold through the end of ‘21.

To Kari, designing is not just dresses and pantsuits, it is education, experiences and ideas. Kari's design technique draws from classic beauty and the concept of being one's own true self. Masculine influences have also impacted the pant/short suits, accentuating resilience, independence and the freedom to lead.

Movement in Fashion - Kari is proud to announce that finally, with Marilyn's return and growth, the House of MH is now handmade in Los Angeles. All garments moving forward are going to be handmade in an ethically conscious clothing manufacturer located in downtown Los Angeles. The factory pays their employees fair wages and provides a safe workplace for all. We are proud to play a role in the transition to a more sustainable fashion industry.